Monday, May 9, 2016

Update/Gallery of Fun

Hey Guys! 
I know I have been MIA for like... The last year! 😳 I'm the worst, I'm sorry. Life has been pretty crazy, but I'm getting back to blogging though starting now! 
A little update on my life in the last year: 
I got to be an Aunt for the first time to my nephew last April, Nathan and I did a TON of camping over the summer, we got a new travel trailer in October, we got Engaged in November! :) and I was just blessed with my first niece about a week ago! So it's safe to say It's been a pretty amazing year so far and so much more amazingness to come! I have been busy planning our wedding and getting things in order for that. It's been so much fun and I can not wait to marry this amazing man of mine! 

But enough on that subject, and on to the beauty! ;) Here are a few pictures of all the fun things I got to do in the last year. From color to cuts to makeup:

•Summer Balayage

•Wedding Updo •Graduation Makeup
•Violet makeup look •Silver Hair Color

•Red/Red Violet color •Bridesmaid Makeup •Inverted Bob •Warm Balayage/ombré

•Copper Red Color

•Violet Balayage

•Homecoming Makeup •Homecoming Hair
•Sweet 16 Hair •Sweet 16 Makeup

•Halloween Makeup (Deer)

•Soft Honey Blonde Balayage/Bob •Blonde Balayage on Virgin Hair
•Blonde Balayage and Extensions
•Red Violet Color & Chopped Bob

•Soft Honey Balayage

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Prom Season!

Prom season is upon us! Updo's, dresses, makeup, and posing for more photos than you can even handle! Hopefully you have a really good fake smile! I didn't go to my prom, or really any dances for that matter... I'm physically incapable of making my body move correctly with music. So INSTEAD, I've gotten pretty great at making everyone else look amazing for their prom. :) This is my favorite prom look I've done so far this year. Her theme was The Great Gatsby, so we went for a very elegant looking updo with a soft swoop in front and curls tucked into the side.


Following the elegant look of the updo, we decided to go with a soft and pretty makeup look that wasn't too dramatic. 

Final Look:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Month of no heat hairstyles: Week 3 & 4

So I know I'm a little late posting these, but I decided to roll the last 2 weeks of the month into one post. As much fun as I've had trying out all of these different styles this month, I am even more excited to use my curling iron again! I've missed it so much! So here are the last 2 weeks of no heat styles:


(Left to right.)
1: I made a headband of hair by taking to pieces from underneath my hair by my nape and braiding each piece, then wrapping it around the top and pinning into place with a bobby pin.
2: Here I twisted the sides of my hair and pinned them back into place. Then taking all of my hair, with the ends facing up, I rolled it up into itself as a sort of makeshift bun and secured it with bobby pins. 
3: With tousled hair, I braided the front section of my hair all the way down to the ends and pinned it back, leaving the left side of my hair free flowing.
4: Another version of the style before, except this time I took the front section on the other side and overlapping, I tucked it in and under the braid for a half up look. 
5: Here is another half up look with an infinity braid.
6: Putting on a head band, I took the front pieces of my hair and tucked and rolled them around the headband and tucked in the ends.


 1: This is a double pony tail which makes it appear longer and fuller. I took the top section of my hair and put it into a pony tail and then directly underneath, I put the rest of my hair into a second pony tail. Then I teased all of the hair and wrapped the top pony. 
2: Here I french braided all of my hair from the top and tucked it under itself and pinned it.  
3: Simple messy bun with a bandanna accessory.
4: Water fall braid on the left side.
5: Reverse french braided bun.
6: Taking two pieces from my temple area, I twisted them back and pinned, overlapping each other.

During this whole process, I noticed how quickly my hair seemed to have grown! I think I might stick to this no heat thing, at least a few days during the week and only use heat on the weekends and see where it gets me. If anyone wants to see step by step tutorials on any of these looks, message below and let me know. Thank you so much for reading and following along with this series this month. Feel free to check out/follow my social media pages and as always, please subscribe over on the side bar! ;) 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Month of no heat hairstyles: Week 2

Well hello!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We spent the weekend camping at our favorite park for Nathan's birthday. (Which is the day before Valentine's Day.) We aren't big Valentine's people so we don't typically celebrate it. But being camping definitely brought on a lot of hat wearing, which I LOVE.
So I know I'm a week late posting the second week, seeing as we are in the 3rd week, but I wanted to catch up and give you guys some different hairstyles that weren't just covered up by hats! So here is week 2 of no heat hairstyles:

(Left to right)

1: This was at Nathan's birthday lunch. I just pulled back the sides into a simple half up do, with bobby pins holding the back into place.

2: Here is one of the hat pictures that I mentioned before. So really nothing to it. The beauty of throwing a hat on and not having to worry about your hair! I love it. 

3: All down here, nothing exciting, just freshly washed hair. 

4: When I'm at the salon I hate having my hair fall in my face while I'm working so I twist the front section of my hair back out of my face and pin it in place. 

5: Here is the same type of style as before except instead of a twist I french braided the front section off to the side and secured into place.

6: One of my favorite styles is the half up bun. Quick and easy but still cute!

7: Here I just pulled all of my hair to one side and twisting the very back and bottom of it I bobby pinned it into place leaving the rest down. 

Things you will need:

1: Bobby pins
2: Comb
3: Hairspray
4: Hat ;)
5: Hair Tie 
6: Some sort of teasing comb

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Month of no heat hairstyles: Week 1

So recently my hair has not been agreeing with me. Usually when this happens I just either trim my ends or do a deep conditioner to revive it and add tons of moisture. However neither of those options worked for me this time. So I decided to make the month if February a "month of no heat hairstyles." And no it has nothing to do with it being a short month, although that is a perk! I already miss my curling iron more than I ever thought I could miss an object before. But I know it will be worth it in the long run, and not only can I try out a bunch of fun different styles but it will also save the integrity of my hair by giving it a break from all the heat!

So here is my first week of heatless styles:

(Left to right)
1: This was SuperBowl Sunday so I had to represent the Hawks, so I just threw a beanie on top of 3 day old hair and scrunched in some texturizer in my ends.

2: Fish braid off to the side with a few tendrils around the face and bobby pins holding the back loose pieces into place. 

3: I had a lacy headband that I used to roll all of my hair up into and then bobby pinned to hold in place. Super quick and so much easier than you would think!

4: This was airdried after washing it the night before and sleeping in damp hair. I just ran my fingers through it in the morning and left it down for the day since it was just a lazy day at home.

5: This was an early morning for me since I had to be up at 5:30 so I just threw it up into a quick bun. This is my go to quick do. 

6: I teased the top of my hair and put it all into a very low ponytail. Separating the hair directly above the hair tie, you'll pull the whole pony tail up and over through the hole that you just separated. Then I braided it all the way down and tied it off with another hair tie. Then I rolled it up into a bun and secured it with bobby pins. 

7: Today I just threw a baseball hat on and scrunched some texturizer into my ends and called it good. 

Things you'll need:

1: brush/comb
2: teasing comb
3: bobby pins
4: hairspray
5: texturizer (I use 'not your mothers beach babe texturizing lotion.')
6: hair ties
7: headband

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

SuperBowl makeup/month of no heat styles

Happy Super Bowl Day!!!! We're all about the Hawks over here so I decided to do my makeup in honor of them. 

I used:
Urban decays naked2 palette 
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz 
Younique cosmetics mascara
Gerard cosmetics buttercream lipstick 
Maybellines gel liner in blackest black
Loreal true match lumi foundation
Maybellines fit me concealer 
Today also marks the first day of my "1 month of no heat" challenge. So for the hair, it's day three since I last washed it, so I just threw a beanie on over top and ran some beachy texturizer through my ends and called it good. Rollin with the messy look today. The texturizing lotion I used was "not your mothers' beach babe texturing hair cream" which I just emulsified in my hands and scrunched into the ends of my hair.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was recently nominated by the gorgeous Cynthia over at Simple Synth for the very inspiring blogger award. Thank you so much for the nomination!
-Thank the person that nominated you

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7 Things About Me:
1: I am a brunette but my natural color is very blonde.
2: I am still terrified of the dark.
3: I don't like chocolate unless I'm really in the mood for it.
4: I have a mouth like a sailor...
5: I could live the rest of my life off of eating only spaghetti and tacos and be perfectly content.
6: I can't go over a bridge without having the sudden urge to pee.
7: I absolutely hate wearing socks.
I Nominate:
1: Gemma from GemLivia
2: Lauren from All things busy
3: Beth from Miscellaneous Musings
4: Laura from The glowing skin girl
5: Hana from The Shy Style
7: Madeline from Media junkie jungle
8: Elizabeth from Epise of cake
9: Lishaa from Pop of peach
10: Bex from The vegetarian option
12: Georgia from The teenage blogger
13: India from India Snow
14: Jennifer from Jennifer Polly
15: Roxy from Kiss me by the sea
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