Monday, February 23, 2015

Month of no heat hairstyles: Week 2

Well hello!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We spent the weekend camping at our favorite park for Nathan's birthday. (Which is the day before Valentine's Day.) We aren't big Valentine's people so we don't typically celebrate it. But being camping definitely brought on a lot of hat wearing, which I LOVE.
So I know I'm a week late posting the second week, seeing as we are in the 3rd week, but I wanted to catch up and give you guys some different hairstyles that weren't just covered up by hats! So here is week 2 of no heat hairstyles:

(Left to right)

1: This was at Nathan's birthday lunch. I just pulled back the sides into a simple half up do, with bobby pins holding the back into place.

2: Here is one of the hat pictures that I mentioned before. So really nothing to it. The beauty of throwing a hat on and not having to worry about your hair! I love it. 

3: All down here, nothing exciting, just freshly washed hair. 

4: When I'm at the salon I hate having my hair fall in my face while I'm working so I twist the front section of my hair back out of my face and pin it in place. 

5: Here is the same type of style as before except instead of a twist I french braided the front section off to the side and secured into place.

6: One of my favorite styles is the half up bun. Quick and easy but still cute!

7: Here I just pulled all of my hair to one side and twisting the very back and bottom of it I bobby pinned it into place leaving the rest down. 

Things you will need:

1: Bobby pins
2: Comb
3: Hairspray
4: Hat ;)
5: Hair Tie 
6: Some sort of teasing comb

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