Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Month of no heat hairstyles: Week 3 & 4

So I know I'm a little late posting these, but I decided to roll the last 2 weeks of the month into one post. As much fun as I've had trying out all of these different styles this month, I am even more excited to use my curling iron again! I've missed it so much! So here are the last 2 weeks of no heat styles:


(Left to right.)
1: I made a headband of hair by taking to pieces from underneath my hair by my nape and braiding each piece, then wrapping it around the top and pinning into place with a bobby pin.
2: Here I twisted the sides of my hair and pinned them back into place. Then taking all of my hair, with the ends facing up, I rolled it up into itself as a sort of makeshift bun and secured it with bobby pins. 
3: With tousled hair, I braided the front section of my hair all the way down to the ends and pinned it back, leaving the left side of my hair free flowing.
4: Another version of the style before, except this time I took the front section on the other side and overlapping, I tucked it in and under the braid for a half up look. 
5: Here is another half up look with an infinity braid.
6: Putting on a head band, I took the front pieces of my hair and tucked and rolled them around the headband and tucked in the ends.


 1: This is a double pony tail which makes it appear longer and fuller. I took the top section of my hair and put it into a pony tail and then directly underneath, I put the rest of my hair into a second pony tail. Then I teased all of the hair and wrapped the top pony. 
2: Here I french braided all of my hair from the top and tucked it under itself and pinned it.  
3: Simple messy bun with a bandanna accessory.
4: Water fall braid on the left side.
5: Reverse french braided bun.
6: Taking two pieces from my temple area, I twisted them back and pinned, overlapping each other.

During this whole process, I noticed how quickly my hair seemed to have grown! I think I might stick to this no heat thing, at least a few days during the week and only use heat on the weekends and see where it gets me. If anyone wants to see step by step tutorials on any of these looks, message below and let me know. Thank you so much for reading and following along with this series this month. Feel free to check out/follow my social media pages and as always, please subscribe over on the side bar! ;)